The Digital Transformation of Utilities

Utility companies and their customers are focused on cutting costs, increasing efficiency and keeping overall consumption under control. IoT technologies like LoRaWAN offer solutions to proactively manage water, gas and electricity consumption and processes on a massive scale.

Smarter Management through Data

Data exists, and can be leveraged, in virtually all aspects of utility operations. Metering, billing, predictive maintenance, safety, leak detection each can be massively optimized by integrating an IoT network of sensors that effectively monitor and analyze water, gas and electricity usage and processes.

Everynet facilitates this digital transformation to smart utilities through our national LoRaWAN network. We offer a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale. This access to real-time data enables:

Reduce customer service issues, such as billing and support inquiries
Reduce operational costs, such as OPEX, manual meter reads and deferred CAPEX
Adhere to national and international regulations driving the replacement of fossil fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources
Prevent revenue loss from aging infrastructure, theft, unaccounted use, leakage and more
Mitigate utility scarcity & waste through more accurate metering and billing
Track a vast amount of assets in real time due to the distributed nature of renewable energy

LoRaWAN in Action 

Check out these use cases to learn more about the benefits of Massive IoT and LoRaWAN for asset tracking and logistics.


Gas Monitoring

Control and measure gas consumption in every location where it is used, detecting possible leaks or service malfunctions by providing a ready-to-implement and low-cost monitoring solution.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Detect energy waste or system malfunction with LoRaWAN enabled monitoring tools.


Help preserve the worlds most precious natural resource through system monitoring.
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