Asset Tracking / Logistics

Fleet and Cargo Tracking

Track fleets and cargos through their entire journey in order to continuously verify their location and status, lower risks related to theft and damage, and increase efficiency in the supply chain.

Our Solution

Efficient fleet and cargo monitoring is accomplished by placing tracking devices in trucks, boxes, shipping containers and more for centralized management and monitoring.

Everynet and its ecosystem partners have created a winning
partnership – providing the network and devices necessary to implement a trustworthy supply chain tracking solution.

For example, assigning sensors to fleets and cargos that need to move to several different factories makes it easier for warehouse managers to track routes and status of the moving goods, preventing thefts and increasing efficiency.

Low implementation costs
Multi-technology pairing possible
Bi-directional communication
True location with precise GPS positioning

Our Benefits

  • ~$22B annual cargo theft that can be avoided with proper tracking

Other Use Cases



Help preserve the worlds most precious natural resource through system monitoring.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Detect energy waste or system malfunction with LoRaWAN enabled monitoring tools.
Asset Tracking / Logistics

Fleet and Cargo Tracking

Track cargo, materials and more through all points of the supply chain journey.
Smart Building

Indoor Air Quality

Monitor air quality and manage CO2 levels within indoor structures.
Asset Tracking / Logistics

Cold Chain Monitoring

Manage temperature throughout the shipping process for food and vaccines.
Smart City

Contact Tracing

Ensure social distancing compliance and monitor contact by tracking interactions within an environment.
Smart Building

Building Maintenance

Avoid the costly building damages that come from undetected issues such as water leaks or excessive humidity.
Smart City

Smart Parking

Reduce emissions and improve consumer experience through Smart Parking.

Gas Monitoring

Control and measure gas consumption in every location where it is used, detecting possible leaks or service malfunctions by providing a ready-to-implement and low-cost monitoring solution.
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