Smart Cities are Built on Data

Data is critical for city leaders to anticipate the needs of the citizenry, ensure their safety and security, and improve overall quality of life. LoRaWAN-enabled networks and sensors serve a multitude of applications, all while consistently collecting actionable data to enable these efforts.

Scalable Connectivity. Maximum Flexibility.

Our cities are undergoing profound change — getting smarter and becoming interconnected like never before. City leaders are increasingly aware of the value data provides in planning and management.

Integrating IoT technology to create a smart city provides you with vast amounts of actionable input, enabling you to accelerate the transformation of your city into a sustainable, efficient and thriving environment.

Everynet’s national LoRaWAN network helps enable the creation of smart cities. We offer a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale. Obtain data in real time to make quick, smart decisions to optimize your city services. The network is CAPEX-free and offers maximum flexibility.

City Services & Asset Tracking
  • Street lighting
  • Waste management
  • Smart parking places
  • Water management
  • Smart traffic alerts
City Environmental Monitoring 
  • Noise management
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Irrigation-triggering soil

IoT-enabled smart cities provide a wealth of information to improve decision making and speed action, including:

Changing demographics
Aging infrastructure
Environmental concerns 
Resource constraints
Public health and safety 

LoRaWAN in Action 

Check out these use cases to learn more about the benefits of Massive IoT and LoRaWAN for asset tracking and logistics.

Smart City

Smart Parking

Reduce emissions and improve consumer experience through Smart Parking.
Smart City

Contact Tracing

Ensure social distancing compliance and monitor contact by tracking interactions within an environment.
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