Tracking Success with LoRaWAN

Delays, misrouting and loss are just a fraction of the pitfalls awaiting goods being shipped by land, sea and air. Not to mention the myriad of shipping agents, carriers and logistics companies factored into the equation. But a simple, affordable answer is available. Asset tracking solutions powered by IoT provide supply chains and logistics with unprecedented control and monitoring capabilities from shipment to final destination. 

E2E Tracking Solutions Available Today

IoT-based applications go beyond following parcels and containers to ensure the health and safety of humans and animals throughout the supply chain. Because asset tracking for logistics requires low data payloads and latency, LoRaWAN solutions are the ideal technology capable of handling extremely high device density, are easy and quick to deploy, and extremely cost effective.

Everynet enables true end-to-end asset tracking through our national LoRaWAN network. We offer a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale.

Ports, warehouses, terminals and distribution centers
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Automated inventory management
  • Pallet tracking
  • Container tracking
  • Luggage tracking
Environmental condition monitoring  
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Production monitoring
People & Animals
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure deviation
  • Noise management
Reduced lead-time demands and increased shipping delays
Geographically remote locations
Indoor/outdoor tracking – in-transit or storage 
Extreme and harsh conditions
Quality customer service
Scarce or lack of coverage and materials 
Costly and inadequate solutions currently in place

LoRaWAN in Action 

Check out these use cases to learn more about the benefits of Massive IoT and LoRaWAN for asset tracking and logistics.

Asset Tracking / Logistics

Cold Chain Monitoring

Manage temperature throughout the shipping process for food and vaccines.
Asset Tracking / Logistics

Fleet and Cargo Tracking

Track cargo, materials and more through all points of the supply chain journey.
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