Industry 4.0

LoRaWAN and the Internet of Things accelerate the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation toward Smart factories and manufacturing processes across the globe.

Powering Industrial IoT with LoRaWAN  

With IoT technology widely available and in use around the world, industries have the power to digitally transform virtually every aspect of manufacturing and factory facilities. Production lines, inventory management, tracking of goods or parts in large warehouses — these all can be vastly improved in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness when operations commit to a data-driven approach and solutions.

IoT technology, and LoRaWAN-powered sensors and devices in particular, enable a wide variety of innovative applications for manufacturing and factory management. It provides data-driven insights for machine monitoring to reduce downtime for maintenance, increasing visibility along the production line, tracking assets, increasing worker safety and much more. The resulting decrease in health and operational risks cuts down on costs and contributes to overall revenue growth.

Everynet helps enable this digital transformation through our national LoRaWAN network. We offer a fully deployed, ultra-low-cost infrastructure that can rapidly connect billions of devices designed for massive scale.

Accurate asset location tracking and condition monitoring
Gaining full supply chain visibility
Compensating for labor shortages and employee skill gaps
Managing intensive production timelines and costs
Need for extracting machine data to benefit from business intelligence
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