LoRaWAN – The Ideal 2G/3G Replacement

With major network providers worldwide on the verge of shutting down 2G/3G cellular networks, enterprises are considering how and where to migrate their products and services. The answer is LoRaWAN network connectivity.

The Best Choice for Network Connectivity

The fundamental advantages of LoRaWAN technology can benefit nearly every vertical transitioning away from 2G/3G. With mobile carriers shutting down 2G/3G cellular networks, to which enterprises have connected their solutions for over 25 years, the future can seem highly uncertain.

Fortunately, LoRaWAN technology offers a superior choice due to its optimal data usage, sustainable battery life, indoor-outdoor coverage and significantly lower connectivity and device costs. Disruption becomes an opportunity to serve new markets and open up additional revenue streams when joining the LoRaWAN ecosystem of solutions providers, device makers and connectivity partners.

Everynet offers a low-cost neutral host network that eliminates the expense of installing gateways, creating a NOC or managing a network — a zero Capex network enabling enterprises to leverage the benefits of LoRaWAN without building a network to support devices that are being sunset by mobile carriers. Transitioning to LoRaWAN also eliminates concerns such as:

Threat of connectivity and device obsolescence
LTE categories will be only remaining cellular options
Costly network switching and hardware replacements
Uncertainty about guaranteeing current ROI with new networks
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