Posted on 18/05/2021

New frontiers in Water Management

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resource, the basis of life on planet Earth. However, little effort is made to preserve and manage it properly, leading to a drastic scenario where it is predicted that, within 20 years, almost a third of the world’s population will have insufficient supply of water.

Considering this, it is surprising that many of the world’s water networks still lose around half of the available resource through leakage from the pipes, causing a monetary drawback, as well as an environmental one. On average, non-revenue water, water that is lost due to infrastructure, equipment and supply inefficiencies, accounts for 28% of the water supplied on a global level.

Moreover, Utilities companies that manage water supply and distribution run the risk of facing severe crises, as collecting outstanding bills from their customers during COVID has become a big challenge. According to some pre-COVID numbers, approximately 10% consumers do not pay their bills and this number is significantly increasing due to pandemic, especially in developing countries.

Indeed, in-person visits to read water consumption or to complete payment procedures are now prohibited by law or declined by consumers. This dramatically increases field and operational costs or even makes operations impossible.

The cost increase that companies are facing might lead to job cuts and poorer service quality, unless Water Utilities start embracing cost-effective smart water meter projects. Digital Transformation 4.0 and technology can help stay responsive and resourceful by deploying smart metering systems to replace outdated, expensive and labor-intensive processes. Additionally, Water Utilities are able to lower costs and ensure a timely response to critical issues.

Why to choose smart water solutions?

Everynet and HDM Group offer an end-to-end solution to smart water metering which allows to cost-effectively communicate, transmit data and provide alerts, in spite of urban density, physical obstacles and traffic or weather conditions. Furthermore, the solution correlates all incoming data and visually displays key metrics on a customized dashboard to take actionable insights. It even allows for daily calculations of several key performance indicators for the water grid: volume of water supplied, volume of water consumed, apparent losses, grid output, and operational efficiencies. All key water data are transmitted over the network, avoiding having field personnel exposed to any risk during the pandemic. Embracing the Digital Transformation with Everynet and HDM Group provides the following benefits to utility companies:

  • Remote Metering: Measuring usage data through a wireless technology that works in dense urban environments, indoors and underground increases efficiency and eliminates the need for manual checks.
  • Leak Detection: Instant detection of anomalies and failure points is critical and saves up to 25% of the water produced. This can be achieved by exploiting water pressure and flow measurements through piping networks.
  • Customer Service: Promote a transparent communication with your final customers, allowing them to get access to data concerning their water consumption.
  • Remote Pump Monitoring: Remote monitoring systems can reduce an energy bill by up to 25 percent if pressure and usage data are monitored using a wireless technology.
  • Waste Reduction Because of real-time data gathering, proactive and corrective actions are encouraged and less water is wasted.
  • Data-driven Decision Making Being able to access an incredible amount of data in real time helps to get precise insights and make informed decisions.

Long battery life

Real-time alerts

Real-time tracking

In/outdoor long range

Bi-directional comms

Reach in harsh environments

Thanks to their synergy, Everynet and HDM group are able to offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions. The aim is to create high-performance, customized solutions, built on customer’s specific requirements through careful technological scouting and engineering.

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