Remove the burden of
deploying and operating a fleet
of physical field infrastructure


Everynet enables both classic operators and new-entrants
to rapidly serve the burgeoning IoT market

Service providers, network operators and systems integrators now have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the burden of procuring, deploying and maintaining gateways, and all the associated capex/opex costs of site acquisition, power/backhaul and operational SLAs.

Fast-track your time-to-revenue by running your own network server and leasing wholesale access to dense geographical coverage and instead focus on customer engagement and service differentiation.

Powerful search engine, eases management of devices at massive scale
Configure and manage devices
Create data sets through filter definitions, based on underlying search features
Route datasets to industry leading platforms

Everynet Everywhere
Wholesale Platform

Each wholesale customer owns and operates their own LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS), including all security keys and credentials

Fully LoRaWAN compliant implementation, with numerous implementation enhancements. For example structures built on powerful search tools:
To be able to conveniently manage very high numbers of objects (devices, filters, connections, users, keys) the portals and underlying servers include extensive search and filter capabilities. Filters provide a powerful mechanism to route data between sets of devices and connections to external application servers. By filtering on tags, EUIs, gateways and message types, it is possible to establish complex relationships between devices and applications, including sharing data from one device to multiple applications.

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LoRaWANTM Geolocation
and Live stream

Network geolocation is a default (free) feature for all devices and users, with accuracy linked to RAN density
In sparse networks, nearest cell is reported. In dense networks, tri-lateration between gateways can achieve down to 100m accuracy

Live stream provides LNS operators with tools to verify and debug device configuration.

I want to operate an LNS
Every packet is geolocated by default, for free
Accuracy down to 100m, dependent on RAN density
Live stream of LNS activity,
per device or filter (inc tags, EUIs, gateway)

APIs for Everything

Every feature of the LNS is extensible via API, enabling the Everynet platform to become fully integrated within the platforms of our wholesale partners

If you see it in the GUI … there’s an API for that

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