Launch an IoT Service

Without the burden of deploying and operating
a fleet of physical field infrastructure
Launch an IoT Service

Without the burden of deploying and operating a fleet of physical field infrastructure
Neutral-host LPWA networks for IoT
Our innovative architecture allows Everynet partners to build and operate neutral-host networks, enabling Service Providers to offer low cost carrier-grade IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure
Own and operate your own Everynet network server, for user/device/key management and data routing

Lease wholesale network coverage with carrier-grade service level agreements

BSS APIs to facilitate service billing
LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS)
Everynet supports our service providers during their launch to the market, with targeted solutions to solve the most valuable use-cases
Everynet wholesale networks are already the most highly utilised LoRaWAN networks in the world

We import these proven solutions to accelerate market adoption in grass-roots national networks

Fly through the PoC phase and go straight to well established revenue-generating applications

Leverage Everynet's Ecosystem
Market development support to drive end-user awareness

Targeted knowledge programs provided to train your sales engagement teams

Lead generation and nurture program
Enablement Procedures
Benefit from Eveynet's documented procedures and programs. No missing pieces
Everynet's LNS is fully extensible via APIs, with pre-integrated connections
Route your sensor data to any major IoT platform

All interfaces fully secured with certificate-based encryption

Ability to full abstract the LNS within your IoT or connectivity platform
Pre-integrated Platforms
Avoid the delays associated with vendor
selection and supply chain management
Receive sales enablement training,
backed up by our service help-desk
Driving IoT scale, through well-architected
system design to give the lowest TCO
Instant Launch
Full Support
Key Benefits
With Everynet and our partners taking care of infrastructure operations & maintenance, your connectivity business is freed to focus on
customer engagement and service differentiation
Make a connection with Everynet today
Interested to join the Everynet team, as a network builder, service provider or ecosystem partner? We'd love to talk
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