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Neutral-host LPWA networks for IoT
Everynet builds and operates neutral-host LPWA networks for low-cost, low-power & long-range IoT, for rapid digital transformation of established markets.

Our innovative architecture allows partners to build and operate low cost neutral-host networks, enabling MNOs, enterprises and municipalities to provide lowest cost IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure

Everynet's innovation focuses on massive scale, delivering
ultra-low-cost solutions with carrier-grade service levels
For Network Builders
Everynet enables infrastructure companies to take a central role
in the IoT market, providing shared-resources to drive down cost.
Leverage existing real-estate assets to generate
new revenue streams
Service providers, network operators & systems integrators now have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the burden of operating field infrastructure, and the associated costs
Fast-track your time-to-revenue by running your own network server and wholesale leasing existing network coverage

Offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the need to procure, deploy & maintain field infrastructure

Go to market with Everynet's curated ecosystem of ready LPWA solutions for the IoT marketplace
For Service Providers
Best-in-class technology platform, backed by documented processes
Fully resourced network operations centre and deployment training teams
Driving IoT scale, through well-architected system design to give the lowest TCO
Carrier Grade
Full Support
Our advantages
Everynet team accumulates 100's of years experience in the BUSINESS of IoT technology and network roll-outs. We skip the science projects and take partners and customers straight to IoT revenue
Ecosystem of LPWA Solutions
Everynet's curated ecosystem of LPWA solutions is a critical element in the successful monetisation of a national network deployment.

Available exclusively to Everynet wholesalers
Based on extensive relationships with IoT partners on our global platform, we did the groundwork to accelerate your local adoption
Ready-to-run solutions to the most valuable use-cases in the LPWA marketplace

Cross pollination of experience and relationships from global footprint, brought to satisfy your local use-cases

Pre-approved and certified to work seamlessly on the Everynet connectivity platform

Turnkey Solutions for End-Users
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For highly optimised solutions, Everynet has the expertise and experience to help you develop your own custom solutions to satisfy the infinitely broad spectrum of disruptive LPWA use-cases
Multiple levels of solution partners, from silicon, modules, firmware, platforms & application providers

Pre-proven IP blocks, encapsulating years of feedback and best practices, to accelerate your development

Knowledge program training workshops, facilitated by Everynet and close partners
Developer Labs
Our valued partners
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Interested to join the Everynet team, as a network builder, service provider or ecosystem partner? We'd love to talk
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