Accelerating Indonesia's national LPWA network roll-out
Enabling 100+ smart cities and industrial IoT 4.0 vision
Everynet is driving IoT adoption with partner Telkom Indonesia, deploying the national LPWA network as a neutral-host service, allowing MNOs, MVNOs, ASPs and Enterprises to enable their IoT products and services on shared infrastructure. Utilising Everynet's in-house technologies based on open standards, Telkom Indonesia is able to offer the fastest, lowest risk and lowest cost option to build a carrier-grade IoT service
«Its all about Bits, Billions and Cents»
Lawrence Latham
Everynet CEO
Telkom Indonesia and Everynet will together build and operate the network infrastructure, leasing wholesale connectivity plans to MNOs, MVNOs, ASPs and even large enterprises or even municipalities for smart city initiatives. These companies each operate their own LoRaWAN network server, provided by Everynet, to facilitate the service to end-users
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