Posted on 01/02/2022

Tartabit Offers IoT Bridge for Everynet, Enables Seamless LoRaWAN Integration to Microsoft Azure IoT Services

Tartabit IoT Bridge for Everynet enables subscribers of the Everynet U.S. national LoRa network to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Azure

Today, Tartabit LLC announces the availability of IoT Bridge for Everynet which enables subscribers of the Everynet U.S. national LoRa network to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Azure. With the latest release of Tartabit’s IoT Bridge for Everynet, developers can self-onboard LoRa devices to Azure IoT with the Tartabit IoT Bridge low-code platform which is easy to find on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Connecting the Everynet U.S. national LoRa network seamlessly into the Microsoft Azure IoT platform allows Application Solution Providers (ASPs) and city developers to focus on building applications without worrying about many of the complex integration details. Everynet, Tartabit and Azure services will seamlessly enable application builders to address the following use cases:

  • National Retail. Retailers can manage critical supply chain logistics in their operations including the tracking and monitoring of critical assets from factory to retail shelves. By managing everything from geolocation and cold chain monitoring to humidity and shock, retailers can effectively receive real-time data on the movement, condition and arrival of goods through the complete supply chain.
  • Smart Cities. Cities can easily monitor and manage lighting, streamline waste management services, manage flooding and check air quality.
  • Smart Infrastructure. Applications to monitor critical infrastructure including roads, pipelines and transportation of materials. In addition, the network can be used to monitor freight rail, shipping ports and subways to streamline operations and gather data for predictive maintenance.
  • Utilities. Applications enable utilities to remotely monitor, maintain and gather data on water systems, substations, smart grid reclosers, transformers, LPG and residential and commercial metering.

We are pleased to work closely with Everynet to deliver a high-value, easy-to-use IoT Bridge to bring LoRaWAN customers natively into Microsoft Azure IoT services,” said Fred Yentz, CEO and Co-Founder, Tartabit. “Helping our common customers quickly deploy solutions that leverage the power of Microsoft Azure IoT services will only increase the rate of adoption and improve solution value.”

The Tartabit IoT Bridge for Everynet enables Microsoft Azure users to quickly integrate devices and create customized solutions in Azure IoT Central using Everynet Azure LoRaWAN connected devices in a matter of minutes,” explains Everynet CEO Lawrence Latham. “Delivering an Azure IoT onboarding experience that leverages the affordability and reach of Everynet’s U.S. LoRa network with the power of Azure IoT is a winning combination for developers and enterprise customers.”

IoT Bridge for Everynet provides an easy and secure way for users to integrate Everynet Azure LoRaWAN connected devices via Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central,” said Tony Shakib, Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT. “The integration provides a fast path for developers to address the wide range of smart city and smart utility solutions that are keenly addressed by LoRa and the Everynet U.S. national network.

The Tartabit IoT Bridge is accessible via both the Tartabit and Everynet solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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