Posted on 20/11/2019

Spain’s national IoT network goes live

DELFT, NETHERLANDS (PRWEB) – Everynet BV, the leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network operator and technology pioneer, today announces availability of the shared LoRaWAN™ infrastructure, ready to serve the ultra-low-cost IoT market across Spain.

Following the successful deployment of pilot networks in Madrid and Barcelona, already covering a quarter of the country’s population, Everynet is now embarking on the expansion phase to full national coverage with a dense network of carrier grade gateways. Operating in a neutral-host model, Everynet manages all the operations & maintenance of the radio access network (RAN) through their 365×24 network operations centre (NOC), and makes this shared infrastructure available to all service providers in the region, each purchasing bulk wholesale connectivity leases and operating their own LoRaWAN network server (LNS).

Redexia is the first service provider to take advantage of this shared IoT network infrastructure. Co-founded by Alex Bryszkowski & Juan Ederra, who previous founded Vozelia & Labelium respectively, Redexia has the local knowledge and experience to lead their connectivity customers towards successful implementations, with a particular focus on water & gas metering, smart cities, industry 4.0 and the asset tracking.

«We are delighted to go to market standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Redexia” says Antonio Terlizzi, SVP of Global Sales for Everynet BV “Combining Everynet’s expertise for network operations, with Redexia’s deep experience in IoT connectivity services, we are poised to lead the digital transformation of Spain’s industries»

With the network now live, there is no better time for businesses to undertake their IoT pilots with Redexia’s production quality connectivity service, providing a faster, lower cost and more representative result than attempting to build private networks. Together Redexia & Everynet are on hand to assist customers through their pilots and to then scale up to full production within Redexia’s service. With the Everynet network expansion underway, it is also possible to prioritize deployment in specific regions where a compelling use-case exists.

«This is a very huge opportunity for Everynet and Redexia to work together. LoRaWAN is the ideal technology for a lot of use-cases, but specifically for water, gas and light metering. Says Alex Bryszkowski, Redexia co-founder. “Already managing a pipeline of around 5 million devices for Spain, we are confident that this strong alliance between both companies is what the Spanish market needs in terms of IoT connectivity».

Read the full press release here.

Everynet and Redexia will be exhibiting a full suite of solutions to the most valuable use-cases in the market at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona from 29th to 31st October. Please come to visit us at stand B222 to learn more. If you can’t attend Barcelona, we’d be happy to hear from you at or

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