Posted on 04/05/2020

NLT adopts Everynet and American Tower Brazilian LoRa network

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil – The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) NLT, specialized in serving Internet of Things (IoT) applications, signed a contract to use American Tower LoRA network powered by Everynet in Brazil, which is present in 220 cities that represent 60% of the National GDP. The agreement is part of a hybrid solution combining LoRA and GSM technologies.

LoRA will help to popularize IoT. Its cost, both for devices and connectivity, is 10 to 20 times cheaper than GSM. The tendency is for the volume of LoRA devices in our network to reach or exceed that of GSM this year, ” predicts André Martins, CEO of NLT, in a conversation with Mobile Time. “But there will always be a demand for a more robust and reliable network such as the GSM network, whose topology is more mature than that of LoRA”, he points out.

Martins believes that there will be demand for LoRA for monitoring fleets and cargo, as well as for smart city solutions and agribusiness. In the case of the latter, the fact that American Tower and Everynet allow partners to expand their network on their own was taken into account in the NLT decision to choose it, because there will be demand for this in covering large farms, explains Martins.

Regarding smart cities, the executive comments that, even if Brazil is still behind the European and North American markets in the development of this segment, through Everynet and American Tower LoRa network, NLT can also offer dashboards, analytics and information.

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