Posted on 05/10/2020

Everynet offers its secure wireless data network to the entire Madrid healthcare system for free during the Coronavirus crisis

April 2020: Delft, Netherlands – Cities across the world face an unprecedented challenge as they work to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. The application of technology can be a significant factor in supporting care providers through internet-connected health monitoring and other digital solutions. Everynet is taking action with its device & application partners to rapidly deliver solutions at this critical time for Madrid, one of the worst affected cities in Europe. We offer a secure wireless internet-of-things (IoT) network, built on sites provided by Telxius, a leading infrastructure company. This network covers the Madrid urban area, enabling a number of partners to accelerate deployment of their services aimed at supporting health professionals in their effort to tackle the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis on the front line.

Our purpose here is to reach out to health organizations and professionals in Madrid so that they’re aware that they can use our network, for free, with immediate effect. There are devices & applications available immediately that can make a meaningful contribution, ” says Chris Stone, Executive Chairman of Everynet Board.

There are numerous health care scenarios that can directly benefit from this technology, with quick deployment and long-lasting service life:

  • Self-isolation will place a strain on high risk / elderly citizens who rely on the support of their careers and local community. Panic buttons (or PERS = Personal Emergency Response Systems) give the comfort that help is close by if and when they need it.
  • Medications, specimen samples sent for screening and any future vaccine must be handled with care and within certain environmental tolerances, which could be difficult within temporary triage wards. For example minimizing exposure to light and changes of temperature. Cold-chain logistics trackers are provided to monitor these parameters along the journey and ensure the quality of specimens & vaccines are preserved.
  • Patterns of hand sanitizer usage can be tracked and recorded anonymously to ensure compliance to sanitation policies, critical for locations caring for vulnerable citizens such as on hospital wards, care homes and even temporary facilities which may be set up during this pandemic.

The Semtech LoRa technology used in our IoT network enables low-power, battery operated devices to be directly connected to the internet, at massive scale and without the need for recharging,” says Lawrence Latham, CEO of Everynet. “By leveraging the network we already have in place in Madrid, solutions can be rapidly deployed making it ideal for temporary facilities when the urgent need is now. We want to do everything we can to help and that’s why we are making the network available free of charge.”.

You can get more information and support on deploying your ideas in English ( here ) or Spanish ( here ).

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Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: IoT digital transformation by connecting the most constrained devices at massive scale and for ultra-low cost. Everynet is leading the market with LoRaWAN™ innovation in both its commercial model and platform architecture to power shared infrastructure deployments, enabling a neutral host to build out high-quality infrastructure and leasing wholesale coverage to service providers. A model proven by Everynet’s flagship network: the highest utilized national LoRaWAN network in the world.

Everynet is present in Brazil with a dedicated office since 2017, being the first Lorawan dedicated company to do open an office in the country

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