Posted on 30/03/2022

Everynet Extends Massive IoT Buildout Across the United States

Everynet Extends Massive IoT Buildout Across the United States Network Delivers Coast-to-Coast Coverage – 370 Cities, 130 Key Logistics Points

Delray Beach, Florida – March 30, 2022 – Everynet, the world’s largest network operator for national LoRaWAN® networks, offers coast-to-coast access to Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology in the United States. The coverage continues to expand – now available in nearly 370 cities which includes more than 130 key logistics points.

Everynet is the only network provider delivering a nationwide, 64-channel, carrier-grade network in the United States. Leveraging the full spectrum allocated by the FCC, Everynet’s robust network offers dense coverage in urban areas, while their long-range connectivity is delivering coverage across key logistics points. Those taking advantage of LPWAN can benefit from lower operating costs, longer battery life and increased network longevity.

Since launching the network in August 2021, Everynet has been actively deploying solutions within key verticals to address everything from smart metering and monitoring to flood management. As demand for LPWAN grows in the United States, Everynet’s network supports top IoT use cases including:

  • Utilities. Applications enable utilities to remotely monitor, maintain and gather data on water systems, substations, smart grid reclosers, transformers, LPG gas and residential and commercial metering.
  • Smart Cities. Cities can easily monitor and manage lighting, streamline waste management services, manage flooding and check air quality.
  • Smart Infrastructure. Applications to monitor critical infrastructure including roads, pipelines and transportation of materials. In addition, the network can be used to monitor freight rail, shipping ports and subways to streamline operations and gather data for predictive maintenance.

Everynet also recognizes the growing need for LPWAN as it relates to asset tracking. Its neutral host, open ecosystem network is ideal for organizations interested in bringing their supply chain logistics function into the connected world. By managing the location, temperature, humidity and shock on everything from pallets to containers and goods, organizations can effectively receive real-time data on the movement, condition and arrival of assets through the complete supply chain.

“The addition of more than 130 logistics points to the Everynet network opens the door to improved asset tracking for organizations of all sizes,” explains Gabriel Nave, VP Business Development, “With long range indoor and outdoor connectivity and global roaming tracking capabilities, organizations have total asset visibility at key points along the journey – enabling them to more effectively meet customer expectations.”

“To say that recent disruptive events like COVID-19, trade disputes, cyberterrorism and the war in Ukraine have had a huge impact on the global supply chain is to put it lightly,” states James Brehm, Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist of James Brehm Associates. “As supply chains are adapting and rebounding, low power, low-cost network availability like the Everynet neutral host network can be a boon for supply chain agility and resilience.”

The United States is just the latest country to benefit from Everynet’s low-cost, LPWAN network connectivity. With a history of defining and delivering meaningful SLAs to their partners and end users, Everynet operates carrier grade networks throughout Asia, EMEA and the Americas. They welcome any platform provider, device maker and solution provider to take advantage of the newly launched, continually expanding U.S. network through its Ethingz Ecosystem Partner Program. Speak with an Everynet representative today to get started.

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