Posted on 26/01/2021

Everynet BV and myDevices announce major partnership to deliver an end-to-end IoT experience

January 26, 2021, Delft, Netherlands – Everynet BV, global leader in Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks, is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with myDevices, the IoT solutions company, that empowers the end-to-end implementation and commercialization of IoT deployments.

myDevices’ impressive product catalogue and Everynet carrier-grade LoRaWAN network will be the key to open up the doors to IoT to any system integrator, ISV, reseller or large enterprise who wants to exploit the advantages coming from reliable and cost-efficient innovation that can be embedded in every aspect of business and social life. Through the partnership, myDevices and Everynet will provide end-to-end, ready-to-deploy solutions for a large array of use cases that aim at improving resource efficiency, government mandates, healthcare and quality of life, like:

  • Water, Energy and Gas metering solutions to detect leaks, consumption and abnormal behaviors
  • Predictive Maintenance to proactively take action and save resources
  • Indoor /Outdoor Asset Tracking systems to monitor the location of important assets or people
  • Air quality monitoring solution to measure vital environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, pressure, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • Nurse call system to let hospital patients notify medical staff in case of emergencies and ask for help when needed

Lawrence Latham, Everynet CEO, underlines that “By offering a complete network and devices bundle for most of the needs that we can address with our technology, we completely destroy any barrier to the adoption of IoT, making the process immediate, easy and with an incomparable time to market. We are happy to share this journey towards innovation with myDevices, leveraging their expertise and large product catalogue.

With the Everynet Solutions marketplace, hundreds of IoT solutions powered by Everynet Network are immediately available to be deployed across their public network around the globe,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO & Founder of myDevices. “We enable System Integrators, Resellers and ISVs to sell proven IoT solutions to their end customers, such as: hospitals, hotels, food service, factories, campuses, cities and industrial customers. The plug and play solutions set up in a few minutes by simply scanning the sensor’s QR code and instantly working on Everynet’s network. Deploy one, or multiple use cases with a wide variety of LoRaWAN-ready sensors across multiple industries.

To explore all available plug and play IoT solutions on Everynet Network and learn more, join us here for our official launch event on Thursday the 28th of January, 2021. You can also visit our website, which will be live globally after the event.

About Everynet

The Global Leader in Neutral Host, Ultra Low Cost IoT Connectivity

Everynet is a global LoRaWAN network operator and provides carrier grade networks in Asia, EMEA, and the Americas. Everynet’s Neutral Host network model enables Mobile Network Operators, MVNO’s, and Global MSP’s to offer ultra-low cost IoT immediately and profitably with ZERO upfront CAPEX. Everynet makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions and is deployed using LoRaWAN technology, the globally-adopted open standard for IoT connectivity.

For more information, visit

About myDevices

myDevices, the Internet of Things solutions company, enables our partners to deploy a wide variety of plug and play IoT solutions to their end customers. Solutions range from Predictive Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality, Refrigeration Monitoring, Occupancy & People Counting, Leak Detection, Building Management, Asset Tracking, Lone Worker Safety, Industrial Submetering, Cold Chain and an endless number of other use cases.

myDevices has created an ecosystem to make hundreds of IoT solutions available, including the largest IoT device catalog from over 150 device manufacturers providing end-to-end solutions by mixing and matching any sensors, gateways, and LoRa Networks, connectivity, platforms, and applications. myDevices is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit

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