Posted on 28/01/2020

American Tower and Everynet reached 1.7 billion messages exchanged in 2019 in Brazil

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil – American Tower ended 2019 with 220 cities where its IoT / LoRaWAN network for Internet of Things (IoT). Last year, the company recorded 1.7 billion messages exchanged through this network.

The expansion of the network exceeded our expectations and this rapid growth was due to the market demand, which was quite heated, especially in the fleet and asset management segments, with more than 1.7 billion messages sent over the network in the year“, said Daniel Laper, head of IoT at American Tower in Brazil. According to him, the expectation is that in 2020 the demand for solutions from new sectors will grow, such as smart metering, smart cities and agribusiness.

As main partner and LoRaWAN network provider for American Tower, Everynet is very proud to support such a significant network expansion in Brazil, and will encourage further development by leveraging the extended coverage business model. This will rapidly increase the availability of a LoRaWAN network in several areas of the country, without compromising the quality of the service that Everynet provides to its ecosystem.

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