Everynet cover feature in IoTNow magazine, Q3 2019
Everynet's CEO Lawrence Latham explains how interoperable and open networks build the IoT ecosystem at minimal cost
Sept 9, 2019
Lawrence Latham is the chief executive of Everynet, the provider of wholesale LoRaWAN networks for IoT. The company is building out national networks across the globe with the aim of providing robust nationwide capacity to wholesale customers at a cost that stimulates trial of new IoT use cases.

In this article, Lawrence tells IoT Now managing editor George Malim, how the company differs from a traditional network provider and what his plans are for developing the business further
«Our ecosystem means the cross-pollination of ideas from country to country is possible but the most important thing is that we realised early that IoT is not going to be able to scale up radically until connectivity becomes a virtual commodity. Our model of deploying at minimal cost makes this a reality and I believe it's what IoT needs.

As billions of devices connect using LoRaWAN, the low cost IoT market will
be the one where most of the action is»
Lawrence Latham
Everynet CEO
The article continues with a perspective on go-to-market strategy from Everynet's Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Nelson, who describes the portfolio of capabilities that Everynet has developed to empower its wholesale partners as they launch their IoT service.

Finally Chris Stone, Chairman of the Board, describes the potential he sees to achieve immense scale with these low-cost national IoT networks.

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