The quickest, lowest cost, and
lowest risk path to building
large-scale LPWA networks


Everynet enables infrastructure companies
to take a central position in the IoT market

Infrastructure companies have a unique opportunity to leverage existing real-estate assets and generate new revenue streams by providing shared neutral-host network infrastructure and a wholesale operating model.
Everynet invests all the technology blocks and LPWA expertise in exchange for revenue share

Dedicated RAN user interface for configuration of gateways
Quickly view online coverage status
Near realtime coverage simulation based on 30m clutter data

Radio Access Network

The Everynet Radio Access Network management interface, provides core management functions for field infrastructure.

Based on a map view, operational personnel can commission gateways and quickly view the status of the fleet of deployed network infrastructure.

Set up organisational hierarchy and routing of payload and monitoring data.

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Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Everynet is ensuring that Industry standard support Is provided for our network customers. We have Commissioned and staffed a full Network Operations Centre (NOC).

NOC 24 x 365 availability

Proactive network monitoring is provided by Everynet

with 2nd & 3rd level support by helpdesk (email, slack & phone)


Simple to install with pole and wall mount options
Ruggedised enclosure IP67 rated
White label branding options exclusive for Everynet infrastructure partners
PoE main power supply (IEEE 802.3af Class A, 48V)
Compact size 172 x 255 x 69 mm
Integrated antennas for LoRaWAN, GPS & 4G
Fully LoRaWAN compliant
Resilient to power brown-outs with 8 hour integrated backup battery
Flexible LoRaWAN antenna options: Internal sector antenna or External omni-directional feed

Everynet CloudCell
LoRaWAN Gateway

The Everynet CloudCell is a compact, fully featured LoRaWAN™ compliant network Gateway available exclusively to Everynet infrastructure partners. It delivers a low cost, simple to install and to run, LoRaWAN network infrastructure, complete with integrated GPS and 4G antennas, a PoE main supply with an integrated backup battery; both resilience and dual backhaul capabilities have been provisioned.

The Gateway has a range of up to 15Km LoS and 2Km in dense urban environments.

The LoRaWAN Network Server and all network management and monitoring is provided by the Everynet Core Network Platform.

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