Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: IoT digital transformation by connecting the most constrained devices at massive scale and for ultra-low cost.

Everynet is leading the market with LoRaWAN™ innovation in both its commercial model and platform architecture, to power shared infrastructure deployments enabling a neutral-host to build out high quality infrastructure and leasing wholesale coverage to service providers. A model proven by Everynet's flagship network: the highest utilised national LoRaWAN network in the world

Formed of industry veterans with proven track record of successes within the IoT electronics and connectivity industries
Lawrence Latham
CEO & Managing Director
Vitaly Kleban
CTO & Founder
Tom Nelson
Fabrizio Iacono
Group CFO
Chris Stone
Chairman of the Board
Antonio Terlizzi
SVP of Global Sales
Jonathan Pearce
VP of Marketing
Igor Shirokov
Network Operations
We build and operate national-scale LPWA networks for ultra-low-cost, low-power, long-range IoT markets
Ecosystem Enablement
Within a national network footprint, Everynet drives adoption by importing global solutions to solve local problems.
Market Development
Leveraging our expertise to assist local suppliers & end-users via business, technical & marketing support
Everynet team at the launch of IoT OpenLab experience centre in Sao Paulo, 2018.
We fully understand that for IoT to scale, low-cost of connectivity and devices will be a critical factor. Everynet focuses on a shared-economy model, forming teams of partners all playing to our strengths to maximise the overall value to the team
Highest quality, lowest cost
Our shared neutral-host business model is proven to minimise the cost of the network infrastructure, while decoupling cost/quality constraints
Managed service
Fully staffed 24x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC) operating from our tier4 data centre in Italy
Technical Excellence
Our in-house developed technology is 2nd-to-none, with Everynet CTO as a co-author of LoRaWAN spec
Professional Team
All members of the team have best practicies background in development, design and marketing.
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