Everynet is honoured to support the commercial launch of American Tower’s LoRaWAN network, powered by Everynet technology in an exclusivity partnership in Brazil. The rapid roll-out and positive engagement with the Brazilian ecosystem serves as a successful proof-point for Everynet’s innovative wholesale business model. At launch, the network live data flow already exceeds 4 million messages per day from more than 400 thousand devices, estimated to grow to 2 million devices by the end of 2019.

Everynet believes in #BitsBillionsAndCents: building LPWA networks for constrained devices to be connected to the internet at massive scale and the lowest possible cost. To achieve this Everynet pioneered the wholesale business model for LoRaWAN deployments, a model which splits the traditional LoRaWAN network stack into two products to serve two distinct purposes. The physical infrastructure is deployed in partnership with a shared-infrastructure provider, building the strongest neutral-host network at lowest cost using Everynet’s RAN OSS platform.

Devices, applications and users are then served by multiple wholesale coverage providers or LVNOs running the Everynet LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) and integrating the connectivity in to their own BSS systems. These LVNOs are therefore unburdened from the management of physical infrastructure and able to go to market rapidly in a virtualised environment, focusing on adding value to customer experience and use-cases. This model is typically the case with MVNOs in the telecom world who differentiate their products and services to create choice for subscribers.

Everynet thus provides an unrivalled model to deploy large-scale LoRaWAN networks with lowest-cost, lowest-risk, quickest time-to-revenue and carrier grade quality, as evidenced by the Brazil American Tower’s IoT/LoRaWAN Network. Everynet announced its wholesale concept at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February 2018 and just eight months later ATC launches the Brazil national network which, on day one, flows more than 4 million messages per day from over 400 thousand devices, estimated to grow to 2 million devices by the end of 2019.

Everynet BV is headquartered in Netherlands, with development offices in Helsinki, Milan, St Petersburg, and business development offices in London, Miami, Austin, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

While Everynet’s platform is fully compatible with the LoRa Alliance’s open specifications and 500+ suppliers, we have focussed on architectural decisions and gateway designs which maximise the commercial advantage for ourselves, our partners and ultimately our customers
says Vitaly Kleban, CTO based in the Helsinki design centre,
As a contributor and early adopter of LoRaWAN technology, we have gained huge feedback about strengths and weaknesses of other commercial deployment models and what it takes to operate a network at scale, and we have developed and proven a winning solution with our wholesale model

With the American Tower’s IoT/LoRaWAN Network now live and operational, Everynet continues to nuture the device and application ecosystems by importing proven solutions from partners around the world who recognise the enormous potential of the Brazilian market. Furthermore, in collaboration with BandTec Digital School and America Tower, Everynet is enabling a local community of developers through IoT Open Labs, a facility in the heart of Sao Paulo providing technical and business training, an experience centre full of live and commercially available solutions, and shared working space for partners to run their local operations. The Everynet mission is to enable Brazil to be a leader in LPWA IoT networks and we welcome all enquiries from potential ecosystem partners.