Everynet, in partnership with TagoIO, announces the release of a new connector, making it easier and more intuitive to link your devices between Everynet and TagoIO platforms. The new move simplifies & streamlines the addition of any new device added to an Everynet account to be automatically accessible in TagoIO with its data ready to be visualized and processed.

TagoIO offers a complete set of tools to manage devices, store data, run analytics, manage users, and aggregate data from multiple services such as weather forecast, image processing, CRM, ERP, or any other system.

The easy-to-use application builder speeds up LPWA project implementations using reference example dashboards, also with the capability to collaborate with the developer community and share proven configurations.

As applications expand and grow, TagoIO also scales up smoothly offering auto-scaling capabilities, white label option, and 24/7 self-monitoring tools. TagoIO and Everynet are perfectly aligned in this drive to provide the highest quality services to their shared customer base, with Everynet being the only LoRaWAN™ technology provider among its peers able to maximise its network availability through use of a fully staffed Network Operations Centre.

Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: IoT digital transformation by connecting the most constrained devices at massive scale and for ultra-low cost.
Everynet is leading the market with LoRaWAN™ innovation in both its commercial model and platform architecture to power shared infrastructure deployments, enabling a neutral host to build out high-quality infrastructure and leasing wholesale coverage to virtual operators. A model proven by Everynet’s flagship network: the largest national LoRaWAN network in the world.

Get more from your IoT product by connecting with Everynet & TagoIO today.