Everynet is a global leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks

Our innovative architecture allows partners to build and operate low cost neutral-host networks, enabling MNOs, enterprises and municipalities to provide lowest cost IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure

Building a successful business in IoT
demands a broad range of skill sets

In the context of multiple technical disciplines and organisational change,
it is vital that all stakeholders play to their core competencies.

Everynet enables a value chain of partners, each one leveraging existing assets and resources to bring maximum value to their link in the chain, and at marginal cost. The result is best-in-class LPWA networks, quickly delivering high quality service at the lowest cost and lowest risk

Everynet does not run science projects nor re-invent the wheel.
We build the highest utilised LPWA networks in the world.

Radio Access Network Dedicated platform for shared physical infrastructure operated by Everynet & a neutral-host partner
Split ownership architecture
LoRaWAN Network Server Each service provider (wholesale customer) has their own LNS
Manage your own organisations and security keys
Numerous pre-integrations to industry leading cloud platforms
Fully LoRaWAN compliant, using Everynet or 3rd party gateways
Ready ecosystem of devices and solutions
Supports all scales of coverage, from enterprise, municipal to multi-national

System Architecture for a
Unique Business Model

Everynet creates and operates carrier-grade LPWA networks for massive scale IoT deployments

  • Split server architecture reflecting a unique shared infrastructure business model
  • RAN: Radio Access Network OSS platform for management of physical infrastructure and routing of encrypted data packets
  • RAN: Owned by neutral-host, wholesaling coverage to multiple service providers
  • LNS: LoRaWAN Network Server for management of organisational hierarchy, users, devices and connections
  • LNS: Each service provider operates their own LNS, and so handles their own user data and cryptographic keys, leasing bulk coverage from the neutral host
  • Service providers: Focus on customer engagement without the need to purchase, deploy & manage physical infrastructure

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Our Network Partners

Everynet is working with many Network Partners who are rolling out on a global basis, these will be added to this section as they are publicly announced, we are very pleased to be working with the following:

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