Smart cities


Shaping the smart city

The most familiar connected devices in our homes are TVs. For decades, all we’ve had to do to change the channel is pick up a remote – and more recently, we’ve started controlling lights, heating, doors and windows in the same way.

But this kind of control relies on a power supply, and sometimes on the internet, too. In contrast, smart sensors connected to everynet are independent of other networks, and can communicate directly with the outside world.

This can be crucial. For example, everynet can be used to trigger a building’s fire protection system remotely, or as a security backup during a power cut or fault. It makes whole cities safer, and more secure.

Across a city, there are possibilities everywhere. In Singapore and San Jose, distributed sensors help automate urban parking. The way forward is clear: a smart, connected city, automatically responding to the needs of its citizens – powered by everynet.