The lowest cost, lowest risk & quickest path to building
large-scale LPWA networks
We enable infrastructure companies to take a central position in the IoT market

Infrastructure companies have a unique opportunity to leverage existing
real-estate assets and generate new revenue streams by providing
shared neutral-host network infrastructure and a wholesale operating model
Neutral-host LPWA networks for IoT
Our innovative architecture allows partners to build and operate low cost neutral-host networks, enabling MNOs, enterprises and municipalities to provide lowest cost IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure
Enables focused operations for infrastructure aspects of the business

Segregation of sub-RANs, enabling
public/private coverage zones

Supports advanced monitoring groups, integrated to Everynet 24x365 NOC
Radio Access Network
(RAN) Server
Our commitment to carrier-grade operational procedures is perfectly embodied in our NOC
Fully resourced, operating 3 shifts to provide 24x365 monitoring of network health

Hosted in our tier4 data centre in Milan, with satellite NOCs within network countries

Provides a direct feedback loop to our R&D teams, to improve product design for maximum resilience and minimum TCO
Network Operating Centre
Multiple redundancy, to maintain network uptime in the harshest of environments

Designed for rapid deployment and easy maintenance, minimising Opex & TCO

Supports advanced monitoring groups, integrated to Everynet 24x365 NOC
CloudCell 4G Gateway
High-reliability LoRaWAN gateway, available exclusively to Everynet neutral-host partners
Our network coverage is sold wholesale, to multiple service providers within the region
Simplify your go-to-market strategy, engaging with few large B2B customers

These MNOs, MVNOs, ASPs and even municipalities & large enterprises, form an extensive route to market

Leverage Everynet's ecosystem of turnkey solutions and development partners
Wholesale Business Model
Best-in-class technology platform, backed by documented processes
Fully resourced network operations and deployment training teams
Driving IoT scale, through well-architected system design to give the lowest TCO
Carrier Grade
Full Support
Key Benefits
Everynet invests all the IoT technology to jointly build out dense carrier-grade networks in collaboration with our infrastructure partners
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